24 hour wifi controller

24 hour wifi controller


WIFI Controller via Mobile App

Programmable, fully automatic, multi-channel (up to 5 channels can be used), 24hr wifi LED controller for our aquarium lights. A generous 4 amps per channel means that you can have up to 5 of our Led strip profiles connected. Beautifully designed in a metal casing with digital display.

Fully simulate the natural dawn/daylight/dusk/moonlight cycle with independent control of the 5 channels that could be white, blue, red or indeed any colour of your choice. Full 24 hour cycles, dawn, dusk and even CLOUD can be programmed too. There is a demo mode and a test mode that allows REAL TIME viewing of either a newly written program or of those already installed. In the x 256 mode a full 24 hour program can be viewed within 6 minutes and in demo mode less than 2 minutes and modifications can be made in situ.

The controller is suitable for reef, freshwater and planted aquariums and comes with a pre-installed 24 hour mode and demo mode. Cloud, other programs can be supplied on request.

You can also program your own modes using the supplied software on a windows PC and download to the controller with the supplied USB cable.

This controller will comes pre wired ready for Plug and Play.


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