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Aquarium Lighting Led Lighting for fish tanks Aquarium Leds Welcome to Lunar LED A NEWLY DESIGNED PROFILE LED PACKAGE FROM LUNAR LED

Shrimp, Seahorse, Tropical, Marine, Discus, Malawi and Cichlid aquariums.

Our newly designed LED units are now totally assembled here in UK. (Great for spares, add-ons etc.) By mounting the latest 5730 Led’s in an aluminium low profile structure which is only 16mm wide x 7mm deep, which doubles as a heat sink, maximum brightness is achieved without heat being radiated into the aquarium.

The Led’s are protected by a clear acrylic cover that allows full light transfer and full effect. Installed in minutes using our plug/play kit components, these powerful LED profiles offer a bright and almost high definition, 3D effect, and can replace fluorescent lamps (T8 + T5 tubes) that can flatten the look of an aquarium.

All have a 120 degree viewing angle to maximise light spread.

Red profiles (optional) which when combined with the blue profiles will also promote plant growth.

Controllable/Dimmable via the 24 hour Wi-Fi controller.

You can also program your own modes by downloading from the apps store for i0s and IPad, for Android we have a download information sheet (under Downloads on front page)

These latest LED profiles are engineered using a new technique which means they are less susceptible to flaws during the manufacturing/assembly process and therefore less susceptible to moisture ingress.

When ordering please state exact length you would like them as these are bespoke and made to order.